Oahu, Hawaii, a stop along the way to the Northshore....the outer storm of a hurricane 2014Hi I am Sandy Smith. I love any picture from Hawaii, especially those with my family. I was born in Hawaii and come from generations of family that live there. While the East Coast has had a huge influence on my life, and where I live now. But my heart melts to see the island I spent a portion of my youth.

I love visiting Hawaii and I know....who doesn't.  Hawaii has a special place in my heart.  I was born and partially raised there.  Every time I visit, I see the same scene so differently.  I feel the peace and smell the ocean air.  It's awesome!  For a photographer...the scenic places in Hawaii bring forth tears, just for the sheer beauty -- get off the beaten path.


Welcome to Moonlight Photographic, my husband and I photograph together and specialize in storytelling.  We have photographed for over 20 years, winning various local and international awards.  For us, being behind the camera is an awesome experience, capturing a couple's story as it unfolds. Our clients, uniting together in front of friends and family members - and we are privileged to not only be a part of this most awesome moment, but to capture it, to tell the story.  It is so awesome, and for me, a fabulous "romantic novel" right in front of my eyes.  Yes, I am a romantic at heart!


I am extremely blessed to have Ira as my partner, friend and co-photographer...and he makes me laugh - for that I love him so much.  I love his perspective, its not the same as mine, so when we are photographing together, our client gets two perspectives and various styles.  I am also blessed with two grown sons, Will and Josh. Our other passions are our pets and food.  We are starting to focus on pet photography and have always done some commercial work with food photography.  Not only do I love to eat it, I love to cook as well.  Ira makes a fabulous sous chef! 

Our four legged children, pet photography

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Meet, Kahuna, Sam and Toby.  Kahuna is the black lab, and the coolest dog ever.  I decided when he was a pup to take him everywhere with me.  I don't think that was the recipe for a cool dog, I think I just got lucky.  But I will say he is a social dog.  When I have to put him up if we have visitors who are not used to being around pets, he pouts.  He really thinks he's hot stuff and should be introduced to everyone, after all, we are just visitors in his house.  He's the one who's here all the time. He truly believes he is human.  The indignities that we put him thru are just unbearable to him to treat him as a dog, for us, comical.  The most precious thing that comes to mind, we took him to the beach for the first time a couple of years ago...I just knew he would love it.  Not only did he love it, as he walked in the ocean water, he kept looking back at us, as if to say "thank you, I love it!"

Sam, our Boxer.  Well, my son brought him home when he was a pup, for a visit and somehow he's still here.  He has such a funny personality and such big soulful eyes that makes you want to just give in to him.  Good thing he has those eyes, after 8 pairs of my leather shoes being eaten up by him, I had a hard time staying upset.  Cross your fingers, its been almost a year since he chewed the last pair of shoes.  He's into magazines that I look at or touch.  Little stinker!  He gets you with a hug, yes, he hugs.

Finally, there is Toby, my little English Springer Spaniel. Springer is an understated description - we should call them English Tiger Bouncers.  These dogs have the softest fur and when outside, they will run and leap-- like a "Tieger" - you know, like on Winnie the Pooh.  He puts a smile on my face to see the sheer joy of being outside and especially with the change of the seasons.  He's my dog that figures out how things work, catches on how to  interpret our spelling out of words, such as "food" and "out".  He's my nanny when I am sick....by my side, offering sympathy.  I made the mistake of teaching him how to talk...or rather howl.  Now he will not be quiet, especially when we arrive home.  His greeting has recently gotten louder.  Oh and by he way, he hates getting his photo made, he will hide and not come out.  For this session, he honored me with looking into the camera and keeping his eyes open.  I think he decided to show that if the other two could do it, so could he....or was it because he was able to get on the forbidden furniture? lol  Lastly, he was born with being blind in one eye.  I think it has enhanced all other senses.  Toby with his one eye, is like my husband and selective hearing....if I do not make sure he is looking at me with his good eye, the scolding does not count.  If he did not see me....he has done nothing to be shameful about.   Meaning, he purposely looks the other way with his good eye, so he can't see me.

So these three are our muse! They make us all laugh.  They are our four legged children!  We often reference them as The Boys.

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